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Teacher, E-RYT 500

Since 2007, I have studied, practiced and taught Hatha, Ashtanga and Vinyasa Yoga. I also study and weave Patanjali’s Eight Limb Path throughout my life and my classes. As this practice is a journey of the self to the Self, everyday is different, revealing a new place to shine the Light within. With that being said, in my own my practice I strive to continue to have a beginners mindset every time I step on the mat.

My classes guide students through their own journey; challenging and elevating their experience through playful sequences, while inviting them to arrive at their own reasons for what brings them to their mat. It’s my intention that the practice will create space where they once were stuck, releasing the layers of what doesn’t serve them anymore. I hope you’ll find that it’s beautiful, transformative and powerful for all-levels, meeting you where you’re at.

It’s a privilege and a gift to share my passion for yoga, my experience and my knowledge with students. I continue to be both a student and a teacher.

The word yoga means to yolk, to bring together. The breath is the bridge linking the movements together creating a rhythmic pattern for the poses, (asana) to ease the fluctuations of the mind and strengthen the body. A peaceful gaze, (dristi), along with breath allows for concentration, leading to a mindful moving meditation, ultimately arriving at Joy, (Samadhi, Moksha). If we are lucky, we feel it briefly in our practice and this is what keeps us coming back to the mat time and time again. Yoga is a discipline and like any other discipline there must be consistency for growth, change to occur in the body and mind, for the Spirit to be heard and recognized.

I thank all the teachers before me, all the teachers that are here now and all the teachers to come.

I look forward to practicing with you.