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Teacher, RYT 500

Yoga changed my life in a way that is difficult to put into words. I took my first class in an effort to find relief from foot and back pain but I also received relief from the anxiety & emotional pain I was carrying. After taking my first class, I volunteered at a studio near my work and began to practice every day. Moving around on my mat allowed me to feel a deeper connection to my body and mind, and I experienced a sense of peace. My body began to transform but so did my heart, my thoughts, my relationships with my friends and family and mostly, my relationship with myself. I received my initial 200-Hour certification through Sonoma County Yoga School and then went on to earn my 500 Hour certification through Yoga Palm Beach University, at Thrive. Most recently, I became certified to teach yin yoga as well.

The more I study yoga philosophy & practice, the more control I’ve gained over my life and my overall well-being. My intention is for others to experience how this practice can be a toolkit with so many different things to offer. I want my students to feel a deeper connection to their body, minds and even the soul. We often forget that our thoughts and intentions control our perceptions and our abilities, but yoga brings us back to that place of becoming the observer. Yoga is a process of reflecting and growing and the journey is a continuous one. I love teaching because I get to be a part of that journey for my students and they get to be a part of mine.

Fun fact: I am legally blind in my left eye which effects the entire kinetic chain throughout the body, so my favorite personal practice is with my eyes closed!