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300 Hour Training

Thrive believes in the value of continuing education of yoga instructors and the yogic lifestyle.  We continue to partner with Danielle Vardakas, ERYT 500, DYT1000 of Honest Yoga in Burlington, VT, to provide you with a 300 Hour Training Curriculum designed for teacher with a 200 Hour Certification to move deeper into their teaching and philosophy. This 12-day immersion-style program will enhance your understanding of advanced practices and allow the ability to share them with your community. This 300 hour training (500 Hour Certification) is accredited by Yoga Alliance and includes one training manual, as well as additional tools listed below.

Danielle has trained many of Thrive’s teachers and has been partnering with the studio for over six years. Beyond Thrive, Danielle has completed over 49 successful Teacher Training programs with 2500 hours of teaching all over the globe! Her yoga classes are featured on www.yogavibes.com, www.udemy.com and www.yogadork.com. She has taught at Sedona Yoga Festival, Liberate and Wanderlust Festivals, and has been sponsored by Be Present, Spiritual Gangster, HYDE, Mika, and Lululemon. We are thrilled to be continuing our work with her as a host studio for this incredible training.

Program Dates:

April 18th-30th 2018

9am-7:30pm (no training Easter Sunday)


  • Brand New Beginners: Learn to teach Honest Yoga’s very useful Brand New Beginners Course. This is a must for anyone who is interested in owning or directing a successful yoga center. Help all students create a safe & effective yoga asana practice.
  • The Essentials: Learn to teach therapeutically for all students. Modifications for common injuries. Successful Hatha sequence that is meditative and healing.
  • Deep Relax / Yoga Nidra: Learn to teach restorative meditation and body release.
  • Honest Level 2: Begin to take your own practice to a new paradigm. Practice & teach innovative postures.
  • Honest Level 3: Develop a successful advanced practice and season your all levels teaching practice with interesting ways to take the adept student deeper.
  • Classic Text: Dive into classic yogic philosophy
  • Meditation & Pranayama: Excelerate your personal practice and create subtle energy that is felt by your students. You will learn to create deep peace for yourself that will shine out to others.
  • Yogic Lifestyle Plan: Six months of guided life plans that create success in yoga through daily cultivation activities, as well as online tutorials.

You will dive into your personal practice and learn to really live yoga rather then “do” yoga.

Upon completion you will have the tools to teach the brand new beginner to the level 3 student and everyone in between. You will have a greater understanding of classic texts and philosophy.  We are dedicated to bringing you the most quality training to enhance your life, challenge yourself and witness the truth of your divinity! During the program we cover Yoga Sutra-s, Bhagavad Gita, Hatha yoga Pradipika, & Self Knowledge texts. We perfect advanced asana, pranayama & meditation techniques.

In addition to the days in deep immersion, you will receive the complete Brand New Beginner (BNB) course download to own for your use.

Students also have the opportunity to apply for a Mentorship Program with Danielle. The program includes 12 personal meetings or Skypes with Danielle about you! You will make the choice of working with her privately when she is in your area (every other month) or via Skype, or a bit of both. Students choose their path. Some teach a practice to Danielle or a group of their students while she observes. She then gives you personal feedback for growth in that type of teaching. You could choose any level or style to teach such as Flow, Core Flow, Therapeutic, Yoga for special populations, yoga for elderly, etc. Others have used portions as private lessons or life plan meetings. Whatever you choose, Danielle has seen this create successful teachers. All of the teachers at Honest Yoga have gone through this part of the leaning process. Danielle herself did this type of a program with a mentor in the early 2000’s. It catapulted her career.


  • $3000 Early Bird Pricing (deposit submitted by February 20th, 2019)
  • $3200 tuition for all enrollments after February 20, 2019.
  • $600 non-refundable deposit upon acceptance to secure your space. This will be applied to the overall cost. The balance can then can be paid in installments, with the final payment being the remainder of the balance.
  • Optional Mentorship Program: $1,000
  • Check or credit/debit accepted. A 3% processing fee will be added for any credit/debit card enrollments.


Why should you become a 500 Hour RYT?

● BECOME A STUDENT AGAIN — You can be the one asking questions, seeking advice, and be on the receiving side of the student-teacher relationship.
● INCREASE YOUR VALUE — To increase your value as a teacher, you need to keep learning! The Honest Yoga Advanced Training Course facilitates your personal and professional growth.
● AWESOME PEER GROUP— Due to the nature of this course, it will attract a very specific type of yoga teacher and these people will be your new peers, your new friends, and possibly partners in future projects that could last for many years to come.
● MORE THAN JUST ASANA — Through hands-on, practical training, your world of yoga will expand exponentially. We are diving deep into yogic lifestyle. This is going to be a fun, intense adventure!

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