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Teacher, RYT 500

How did I find yoga? I played lacrosse for most of my life, continuing on to play and even coach at the collegiate level. After leaving the world of lacrosse I struggled to find a connection with any other physical practice. After many failed attempts at finding another form of physical practice that spoke to me, I tried my first vinyasa yoga class and fell in love with it. I came into the studio feeling strong and came out of my first class extremely humbled. This mind body connection that I found in yoga was immediately addictive and I knew I was hooked for life.

I simply love everything about yoga. I love the feeling of stepping onto my mat for the first time each day knowing that whatever negativity that I am clinging onto will soon melt away. I love the strength and humility I feel as I move through my practice and the complete feeling of surrender at the end of a challenging practice.

I want my students to feel confident and challenged in my classes. Yoga has had an extremely positive influence on my physical and mental health and I want to share this journey with everyone who comes through the studio doors.

Fun Fact:

I am a foster for a local animal rescue – at any given point I can have anywhere from one (my own yellow lab mix, Bert) to six puppies in my house!