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As hot yogis we’re well aware of the science behind sweat. But, have you ever considered the therapeutic benefits of sauna? From its ability to detoxify the body to reduce stress and anxiety, sauna offers a wide range of health benefits, even more potent than the infrared heat in our hot studio. Improve your circulation, your body’s natural detoxification process, and help to strengthen your immune system. Additionally, the heat may also help to relieve muscle pain and tension, allowing you to relax and rejuvenate. Research shows that sauna use can reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep, and even mood. There may also be associations between sauna use and improved cognitive function, enhanced creativity, and better concentration. All these benefits through as little as 20 minutes a session and no chaturangas! Click here to book. Once you book, we’ll send you all the need to know info about sauna use.