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Teacher & Manager, RYT  200

Mia found yoga in 2021, when I started practicing at home watching yoga YouTube videos. She slowly started to practice everyday noticing a huge increase in her mental and physical health. She was a dancer her whole life and when she stopped in college she forgot how much she missed moving her body. When she started practicing yoga it felt like home, like she was dancing again but on her mat.

After a year of practicing yoga at home and moving across the country she found Thrive and that’s truly when her yoga journey ignited. She fell in love with the studio community and how at peace she felt every time she got off her mat, no matter who was her guide.

Ever since, she has been learning everyday something new about herself in her yoga practice. Falling in love with yoga made her want to bring awareness to others and help guide them into a peace of mind state even if it’s just for 1 hour in class.

One thing Mia enjoys teaching is awareness and power of the Breath. In Hatha we hold postures much longer, to build strength, endurance, alignment and to maintain a stable breath in those long holds.

Mia strives for everyone in her class to feel comfortable, grounded and present on the mat. When off the mat she desires her students to feel joyful, grateful and content within themselves to carry what they learn on the mat off the mat and into their lives.

Fun fact: She is double jointed in all four limbs and she has a cat named Rue.