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Why you should be grabbing a yoga prop at every class.

You look in cubbies in our yoga room and there is array of props for you to use…blocks, straps, bolsters etc. How the heck are you supposed to know how to use them? Well, you could look around at other students and how they’re using them for starters. This is what most people do. You could also ask your teacher, which we highly recommend at Thrive. We notice however, as students continue to practice, they seem to buy into this stigma that props are for “beginners” and stop using them in favor of taking more options. This is a natural occurrence with the ego (we’ll dive into ego in another post). BUT, the stigma that props are only for new students couldn’t be further from the truth. Props are for all!

Want to access deeper heart opening? Place a block in between your shoulder blades during Savasana.

Want to  “flip the grip” in Dancer? Grab a strap and hook it on your foot.

I could go on and on about various way to use props.

But let’s take a step back to my comment about beginners. Can we drop that label? The practice of yoga is called so because it IS a practice. And while someone who is newer to the physical practice of yoga may need a prop to correctly align, you probably need one too…even if you’ve been a regular yogi for a awhile.

In this age where we aren’t assisting as much, it’s even more important for you to understand where you body is in space and how to feel whether your alignment and engagement is helping or hurting you.

I challenge, err… encourage you to get a block and try to use it in poses you think you don’t need it, like Triangle, Extended Side Angle and Half Moon. I especially want you to use it to bring the floor closer to you. Then, rather than focusing on progressing within the pose by taking different variations, work from the floor up, starting with your feet and traveling up through your body assessing the alignment and the engagement. Are you compensating somewhere, compressing something? Are you not sure? Ask your teacher. And listen to their cues. They will tell you generally how to engage and open your body. If you need more personalized attention, take a workshop. You’ll experience more growth in your practice receiving specific guidance we just can’t give individually in a regular class.

Our next Basics Workshop is Sunday May 16th from 2-4p with Katie. You’ll learn about your body, how to access correct alignment and how to use props to support your practice..

So, are you ready to be on Team Props? I can’t wait to hear what your learn about yourself from them! Be sure to tell me and your teachers this month.



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